MRP140 Camel Artist Picture Varnish 100 ml

MRP140 Camel Artist Picture Varnish 100 ml

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  • Camel Picture Varnish 100 ml is best as a final protective coat for oil painting, can be sprayed or brushed. Clean painting before use, with a rag soaked in spirit. If color bleeds do not varnish it.
  • Should be used on a thoroughly dried oil paint film. Dull areas can be retouched with it. Do not use thickened varnish. Store it in airtight bottles.
  • All oil artistic creations ought to be varnished. Oil paints dry to different degrees of shine or matte, which can marginally modify the first shading.
  • The Final Varnish is utilized to forever reestablish the first gloss of the hues and bring together the surface with a solitary wrap up.
  • It additionally goes about as the composition’s defensive layer.
  • For more details,please contact us.

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